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The Workforce Development Programs improve the quality of life in Southern Georgia through the development and continuous improvement of a skilled workforce. Through the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the program has built collaborative partnerships and has provided employment and training opportunities for thousands of unemployed, underemployed, and dislocated workers across the Southern Georgia region.

Workforce Development Planning Resources

SGRC administers the program on behalf of local elected officials and the Southern Georgia Workforce Development Board, which is a private sector-led board that provides a regional base of leadership for workforce, education and economic development solutions.

These boards reach out to communities in the region to form partnerships that leverage resources and expertise in:

· Job Search Assistance

· Career Counseling with Certified Career Advisors

· Rapid Response Teams for Plant Closings

· Retraining & Outplacement Services for Dislocated Workers

· Support for Increasing Southern Georgia's Healthcare Workforce

· Financial Assistance with Costs Associated with Occupational Skills Training in High-Demand, Growth Jobs

Youth Job Training Programs

· Labor Market Information

· Youth Work Experience

· Comprehensive One-stop Centers in Valdosta, GA.

· Affiliate One-Stop Centers in Douglas, Tifton and Waycross, GA.

1725 South Ga Parkway, W
Waycross, GA 31503

[email protected]